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COMING SOON: DJ's Against Aids 6

In 1995, Mark W. & G-Spot wanted to put together an event that was more than a great going away party for Mark W. They wanted to raise awareness and money for AIDS charities in Hawaii. The birth of DJ's Against AIDS was underway. It was only suppose to be a one-off event, however, the response to the event was overwhelming and it became annual event under the flag of the production team @ Double-O-Spot. After the second DJ's Against AIDS, people wanted it to be a bi-annual event. We thank all those who have helped & supported DJ's Against AIDS over the past few years.
  • DJ's Against AIDS 1 @ Caffe Velentino-raised over $1450
  • DJ's Against AIDS 2 @ 1739 Kalakaua Nightclub & Lounge-raised over $3000
  • DJ's Against AIDS 3 @ Wave Waikiki-raised over $3400
  • DJ's Against AIDS 4

    Once again the people of Hawaii assembled for a great cause. Thursday September 24th, 1998. This year's event was held at a new unique venue: Venus Nightclub, 1349 Kapiolani Blvd. Double-O-Spot is proud to say that over $3000 was raised for AIDS charities, primarily the Life Foundation and Student Educators Against AIDS (UH Health Center). Over 30 DJs (G-Spot, IKON, Trek, Evillyn, Space Cowboy, Gary-O, Euphorik, Mase, Biosys, Marsz, Spex, Mario, Kavet the Catalyst, Gonzalez, Taz, Racer-X, DJ AJ, D Motherfuckin D, Archangel, KSM, Terry Ann, G-Dog, James Coles, Tricky Trevor, Victor, Sunny O-Day, Kevin, Skeeter, Dave, Patchi, JMT, & Matthew Grim) volunteered for the cause. Something about DJs Against AIDS makes for a special vibe. Ask anyone who has been to one. People are happier, DJs play with more passion, but most of all we all feel we are doing something good and having fun doing it. Double-O-Spot would like to thank all the DJs present and past that have participated and made DJs Against AIDS what it is today. We would also ask you to support our media sponsors: Oceanic Cable, KTUH 90.3 FM, Honolulu Weekly, Odyssey Magazine, & Double-O-Spot. This year we would like to send a special thank you to DJ Space Cowboy for providing and producing the video tape for Oceanic Cable. We hope to see you out at the next DJs Against AIDS. "Keep Dancin" G-Spot